Music. Music. Music.


I love music.

It’s pretty much one of my most favorite things in life.


I remember always enjoying music of many, many genres. When I was a kid, I used to pretend I was in my own music video in the backyard or I would set up elaborate stage productions with my toys and put on a tape of Debbie Gibson.

Nerd alert.

I used to sneak into my brothers’ room and listen to their CDs while playing Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter and other now-delightfully-retro games on our Super Nintendo. I also attribute MTV to raising me in some regards, which is fairly terrifying prospect (jokes) but I really do feel exposure to bands/artists like Eurythmics, Culture Club and David Bowie have made me truly appreciate differences in gender and sexuality.

One of the few stress relievers I have that actually works is to listen to music really loud that is fully articulating my feelings in strings, drums, beats, guitars, screams, purrs, keys and so on. I am obsessed with the composition; trying to hear every single note on each instrument in a song to create this melody. It envelopes me and takes me on a journey. I legit get entirely consumed by the noises booming from speakers.

But then it gets too much after a certain period of time and it physically hurts my ears.

So I turn it off, put on the armor the music has given me and step out into the world.

It’s a straight up luxury when I get the spare time to really listen to music these days. Most of the time the iPod is the option while walking to work.

And that’s okay. It helps me see all of the beautiful little everyday nature elements like dew drops, spiderwebs sparkling in sunlight, budding flowers or vibrant ladybugs.

It helps bring color into my world.