Chaos Defined

Going through some of my old poetry that was written before I received my autism diagnosis sure is an experience. So many poems written about so many confusing, confounded and unhealthy situations. Those confusing, confounded and unhealthy situations make a lot more sense now. The pain from the whys, because, what-should-haves in those dated words […]

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Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Things have been hard. By “things” I mean generally being overtaxed by the strain of trying to live up to all work, friends, family, life-in-general demands that are not in sync with my needs. It’s been just under two years since I received my autism diagnosis. I was not offered follow-up therapy. Instead, I was […]

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Speaking in Public

I’ve mutually volunteered/been asked to do a presentation at work about autism in the workplace. I feel kind of excited about it but also a bit unsure of where to start. There are so many things to say but don’t want to say everything as to not overload people. A million questions swirling and consuming […]

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It’s Not A Race To The End

Imma jump on this 2018 Year in Review bandwagon right quick because this year, for me, has been pretty eventful so I am moved to write about it. I don’t normally write stuff about this since I think of time more contextually rather than numerically but here we go. Two large life-changing events happened for […]

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My Autistic Brain

Oh, hello there. It’s been awhile. 5 points if that sentence reminded you of that Staind song “It’s Been Awhile”. :-p I’ve been doing some thinking lately about what autism is for people. More specifically, what it is for me. Because, I figure, the more I understand my own autistic brain, the better I can […]

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Sensory Profile FTW

Part of my (very) lengthy assessment involved analyzing my sensory profile. I scored significantly high (if you can call it that) for sensory avoiding and sensory sensitivity. NOW I understand why I run away from social situations so much among other things. I’ve gotten really good at disappearing from social engagements without being seen. I […]

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Spiritual Loneliness

I feel lonely a lot. It isn’t a loneliness that comes from lack of people around me. It’s deeper than that. Like a spiritual loneliness. I’ve never really felt like I belonged anywhere. The older I get, the more accustom to this feeling I become. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t bother me sometimes. […]

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Just breathe

You may have noticed from my previous blog posts that I’m a really honest person. Maybe a little too honest sometimes. I’ve always been super honest. I actually find it virtually impossible to lie. I’ll presume this is a trait of autism but I’m not actually sure. It has gotten me into a lot of […]

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