The Binary Code We Leave Behind

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I was on the bus this morning, thinking about this blog and how I haven’t updated it in a while. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on but have been too overwhelmed to write about it.

But that reflection got me thinking — what will happen to our digital identities when we (as a species) become extinct?

Flesh and blood decanting to 1s and 0s; like ghosts within machines.

I guess a good portion of our IT infrastructure will be consumed by natural elements, as it should be. But I imagine some may remain usable for quite a long time. Maybe not long enough for the sun to potentially swallow the Earth, though.

I wonder if new evolutionary entities or intergalactic visitors will discover our algorithmic fossils.

What they will think of all of our collective pretty and ugliness spread across devices?

I imagine they would be shocked at the collective destruction the human species has caused and the ultimate downfall it will have created.

If the intergalactic visitors haven’t already been shocked by it.

But I also imagine they would see some of the beauty and kindness in the human condition, and the good fight many have battled (and conquered) to create a better space for our planet, animals and each other.

I am happy with the digital footprint I will be leaving. I hope you will be happy with yours too.






The Moon, My Love

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Conscious I haven’t written about my autistic journey for some time, I sat down to write about my most recent misadventure involving my special interest in music, and how I may or may not have gotten myself into a little bit of a pickle around concert tickets out of fear I would miss out, spending money that I don’t have, and the reactions from those around me who aren’t autistic.

But I really just feel like writing about the moon.

One of my most favorite activities is to sit outside under a clear sky and observe the moon and a plethora of stars above us.

No photo can ever do it justice.

Before I moved away, I used to do that almost nightly in my parents’ backyard no matter the season though partial to the crisp Autumn months and spring evenings lit by lightning bugs.

My favorite was going to an isolated part of the beach and just sitting and observing; bathing in the pearly glow of the moon.

The mellow breeze rolling off the onyx-colored waves kissed by moonlight lulled the sticky, humid summer air.

It was mega cathartic for me.

Nowadays, my back garden has replaced my parents’ backyard but the same activity occurs no matter the season.

I live less close to a beach now, though, and this is something I deeply miss.

There’s something magical, ethereal about the moon and its energy that resonates with me.

I sometimes wish I could sit on the moon and just observe what it has, does and will observe;

all of the cyclical shifts,







it has seen from Earth and mankind.

There are a lot of scary things happening around us everywhere and it’s easy to get weighed down by it all.

But, regardless of who we are, what we’re doing, where we’re doing and why we all look at the same moon at night.

7.7 billion people observing a 4.53 billion-year-old moon observing back.

Infinite in feeling, finite in observation.

I am in love.

Fun fact: my childhood nickname was moonbeam. 🙂